Since the very first edition Gooikoorts has been among the leading environment friendly festivals. It has always been our concern to cause as little environmental nuisance as possible while offering our visitors optimal quality.
At the festival we keep waste to a minimum : no plastic goblets, no throwaway articles!  We provide sufficient dustbins at the festival area, the parking lot and the camping site where all litter such as PMD (i.e. plastic bottles, metal cans and drink cartons), paper and cardboard, rest refuse and glass can be deposited. When dismantling the festival our final action is to remove the last bits of waste from the festival area, parking lot and camping site.

afval In 2010 we managed in filling as little as thirty 100 litre bags of rest refuse (see photo beside) after a festival weekend attended by more than 5600 visitors. During the festival our environment team not only collects rubbish from the site, but also incites visitors in a funny way to use the many available dustbins.

In our efforts to keep the festival area tidy we can rely on our visitors, our own staff as well as the municipality of Gooik that supplies all the dustbins.
We keep the sound volume deliberately low in order to cause minimal disturbance to neighbours and natural life living around the festival site.
On our website we inform visitors how they can reach the festival by public transportation.

Care for environment is a major concern nowadays, but to organise Gooikoorts we have been conscious of this for a long while. And we surely have achieved a high score in this respect.
Quality, tidiness, safety and environment care go together. We are working at all these actions and we wish to thank all our visitors, the many volunteers and our municipality for their assistance and cooperation.

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